School of Arts and Crafts

Moti  Wertzberger
Head of Glass major


Orit   Wertzberger 
College President

Wertzberger College
– House of group activity and art
Founded in 1977, the college is a dynamic place for
people who want  to create in the highest level in the country
To obtain this level of achievement we have a thinking team
and excellent lecturers that  provide information in designing and
in the newest techniques
The various types of courses provide an answer to whoever wants to study a short course of a month and a half or three months as a hobby, leisure and self enrichment or courses that provide a non formal education training certification
A personal interview isconducted and matches each student with the program of courses according tohis/her tendencies and qualifications for purposes of teaching, leisure orhobby
The studies are carried outin the organized classrooms according to the subject that is studied and aremaintained according to the highest standards that are accustomed incolleges
In the college there is aconstant presentation of the various courses that are studied, this way one canbe impressed with the existing professional level

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Here are the following study majors in the college

        Combination of arts

        Creativity for pre-school

       Training youth and elderly

        Jewelry major – fashion accessories
        Glass art
       Artistic painting and sculpting

       Design and event production

         Design and sculpting with fiber and textile

The curriculum for training includes a number of courses according to the student’s tendencies and needs and is implemented in the morning/ afternoon/ evening

        For the training course to receive a non formal education training certification 
    Training course

·       For special courses for certification – that are approved by the Ministry of Immigrant Absorption
 press Ministry of Immigrant Absorption

·        For special courses for certification – that are approved through the National Insurance 
press National  Insurance

·        For special courses for discharged soldiers - using their trust fund 
press - Discharged Soldiers

·        For courses for teachers – that are approved as continuing education program benefits 
press - Continuing Education Programs for Teachers



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